At the beginning of January, DAMY announced the release of new single Tomodachi Gokko (トモダチごっこ) set to release April 4. Well, here’s another update for you, as the music video for said single is now available to watch!

DAMY take on the ever-so-popular carnival theme in this newly released music video. To set the scene, the video introduces us with a television displaying vocalist Ryo in his ringmaster style outfit while fragments of fair-ground music play from the crackling television. The video breaks into the song intro with some inserted creepy giggling, and now we just sit back and watch as Ryo beckons a child with words of friendship, and candy. For anyone who has watched the most recent adaption of Stephen King’s infamous IT movie, there is comparative child-snatching creepy clown vibes as the ending approaches. Of course, they use this to demonstrate the actions of fake friends which the song is titled after—Tomodachi Gokko (トモダチごっこ). So watch out for those “friends” who may actually be back-stabbing clowns.

Check out the full music video below!

If the music video wasn’t long enough for you to check out their new style, you can find the official new look photos for the upcoming single below. While the vocalist plays his ringmaster role, the rest of the members show off a sleek and dark style.

Tomodachi Gokko

Edition A


  1. Tomodachi Gokko (トモダチごっこ)
  2. Naraku (奈落)


  1. Tomodachi Gokko music video

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Edition B


  1. Tomodachi Gokko (トモダチごっこ)
  2. Naraku(奈落)
  3. Kimi no waru guchi (きみのわるぐち)

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