DAMY will be releasing their new single Tomodachi Gokko (トモダチごっこ) on April 4. The title translates to “Fake Friend”—so a lot of servings of tea may ensue in this song as they call-out all the fake friends they’ve encountered in life. The single will be available in two editions, including bonus tracks. Edition A will include a two-track CD of the title track and bonus track Naraku (奈落), along with a DVD including the yet-to-be-released music video for the single. Edition B includes the CD only but with three tracks, including the bonus track Kimi no waru guchi (きみのわるぐち). DAMY is yet to release photos of their new look for this release, and are still to present the CD artwork—so keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Tomodachi Gokko

Edition A


  1. Tomodachi Gokko (トモダチごっこ)
  2. Naraku (奈落)


  1. Tomodachi Gokko music video

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Edition B


  1. Tomodachi Gokko (トモダチごっこ)
  2. Naraku(奈落)
  3. Kimi no waru guchi (きみのわるぐち)

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