Migimimi Sleep Tight is back on track after a year since their last release, with their second mini-album, The Massive Market, out on sale on December 6. The first track on the list, MACAU:The Massive Market, can now be purchased through digital platforms.

In addition, the band’s upcoming release will come with their debut single, Akirakeiko, originally released in May 2016, and their digital single, Escape from Tsuki No Uragawa ZOO, released in November of the same year.

The sound of the band seems to be characterized by synth sounds fused with upbeat pop-rock melodies and JOTARO’s powerful bass lines. Overall, we are in front of a refreshing release despite the songs being cut off in the preview to show both, the physical instruments and the electronic parts making it difficult to imagine the transition from one to another. It’s also worth mentioning that the second song, MOVE ON!, is sung completely in English.

If you are curious about how the rest of their new music will sound, don’t you wait any more and listen to the album preview below:

Finally, here are the individual profile pictures of Migimimi Sleep Tight:

MACAU:The Massive Market

Digital edition

  1. MACAU:The Massive Market

Buy at iTunes or Amazon

The Massive Market

Regular edition


  1. MACAU:The Massive Market
  2. MOVE ON !
  3. Akirakeiko
  4. Workaholic
  6. Escape from Tsuki No Uragawa ZOO

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