In the midst of the wait for Megamasso’s comeback, guitarist Ryohei is not wasting time as he had just started a new band called Migimimi sleep tight!

The band will hold their first live Migimimi sleep tight Preview Night!! at Shibuya VUENOS on May 1. At this live they will distribute their first two preview singles, Migimimi and Akirakeiko. The first will contain three songs while the latter will just contain one song. Previews of all the songs are available at their official website. Go check them out!

Aside from Ryohei on guitar, the band will be composed of former members from the bands NEXTRADE and FUNKIST, and a current member of the telephones! Check the full line-up below:

  • Vocalist Miyagawa Iren (宮川依恋) (ex-NEXTRADE)
  • Guitarist Ryohei (涼平) (Currently in Megamasso)
  • Bassist JOTARO (ex-FUNKIST)
  • Drummer Matsumoto Seiji (松本誠治) (Currently in the telephones and FINAL FRASH)
migimimi new look 2

From left to right: JOTARO, Iren, Ryohei and Seiji

Migimimi sleep tight Preview Night!!
Date: May 1, 2016
Venue: Shibuya VUENOS
Time: Open 18:00  Start 18:30
Tickets: Advance 3,000 yen / day of  3,500 yen

Purchase your tickets at e-plus.



Live-distributed edition 1000 yen


  1. Migmimi
  2. Icicle Order
  3. Sleep tight,Gleep night(SE)

Buy at Shibuya VUENOS live venue



Live-distributed edition 500 yen


  1. Akirakeiko

Buy at Shibuya VUENOS live venue

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Miyagawa Iren)
Twitter (Ryohei)
Twitter (JOTARO)
Twitter (Matsumoto Seiji)

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