The visual kei band, HOLYCLOCK, will release their third single on April 19! It’s titled Shoukei to Renbin no Ryuusei Gun (憧憬と憐憫の流星群) and includes three tracks. Have a listen in the video below!

It’s been over two years since we last got a single from them, and almost one year since the release of their first mini-album. Time hasn’t changed their sound one bit, though! Their experimental approach to music sounds as beautiful as ever. You’ll definitely be down for picking up this single if you are a fan of their previous work.

In other good news, they will hold their first one-man live of 2017 at OSAKA RUIDO on April 20. Right below is that band’s artistic new look followed by the tracklist!

Vocalist Ryutaro (龍太朗)

Guitarist Takuya (琢弥)

Guitarist Kaoru (薫)

Yahiro (やひろ)

Shoukei to Renbin no Ryuusei Gun (憧憬と憐憫の流星群)

Edition A


  1. Shoukei – Hakobune ni Nemuru Kimi e no Tegami – (憧憬-方舟に眠る君への手紙- )
  2. Renbin – Kioku ni Nemuru Chinkonka – (憐憫-記憶に眠る鎮魂歌-)
  3. Ryuusei – Hitomi ni Utsura nai Kansokusha – (流星-瞳に映らない観測者-)

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