Hello, and welcome to another edition of Discover Jrock Bands! Today, I’d like to talk about girls’ rock, a term coined in Japan to describe all-female bands, which have been exponentially growing in popularity ever since SCANDAL managed to break into the mainstream music industry, often being named as the pioneers of the movement. Ever since then, all-female bands have become more prominent over the years, giving birth to great bands like Exist Trace, GANGLION, tricot, BAND-MAID, Silent Siren, and many more. That’s why we would like to make this edition of Discover Jrock Bands a girls’ rock edition, in which we cover bands comprised solely of female members! This week we would like to introduce The Peggies, Yuyum, and Chu’s Day. Exciting, I know, so let us begin!

Last time, we covered Roqudama Carta, Tokinokito, and DIGIT. If you missed it, you can still check it out here. Remember that if you find an obscure band that not many people know about that you know deserve more exposure, feel free to let us know in the comments and we will try to accommodate a spot for them in the next edition!

The Peggies

the peggies

First off, let us begin with The Peggies. This band is comprised of three members: Kitazawa Yuho on guitar and vocals, Ishiwatari Makiko on bass, and Onuki Miku on drums. Together, they play indie rock, which fans of NICO Touches the walls are sure to enjoy, as they play similar music. The girls are currently band-openers, opening for other great bands such as Ling Tosite Sigure, NICO Touches the Walls, and Keytalk, among others.

The Peggies formed in 2011, when they performed a live at a university, but it wasn’t until 2014 when they released their first CD. Recently, they released their first album, NEW KINGDOM, in November of last year, from which the video below is from. They’re a great band, so definitely check them out!

the peggies / グライダー(Music Video)

More info:
Official Website



Next up is Yuyum! This quartet, who’s official name is actually Yu, yuyuyuyuyum, is made up by vocalist and bassist Yuri, guitarists Ishibashi Risa and Marina, as well as drummer Ishikawa Minako. The music they play is usually upbeat and fun, but they also make some really good slow songs. The music video below is one such example. Their sound still sounds amateur-ish, but that only means these girls are going to keep improving and getting better with each and every release.

Yuyum formed back in 2013, and have released one demo, a mini-album, and one full album so far. Their latest release, Curtain Call, was released last December, in which the title track, Gyunyu, featured a great slow song, check it out below!


More info:
Official Website

Chu’s Day

chu's day group

Finally, we have Chu’s Day (a play on the word Tuesday) who isn’t actually completely an all-female band, for they have a male drummer in their ranks, but their music and lyrics totally make up for that. Any fan of SCANDAL is sure to enjoy this band, as they play similar upbeat music with positive and cutesy lyrics. The band is comprised of vocalist Eri, guitarist Yu-na, bassist Akari, and drummer Keita. These four have been together since February 2014 and have released only an album and a single so far, but they have been gaining a lot of attention lately in japan, so I’m sure they’ll be releasing new material on no time!

【Chu's day.】<MV>「Cycling」‐Music Video

More info:
Official Website

How did you guys like this girls’ rock edition of Discover Jrock Bands? These bands are all extremely talented, so let us know what you guys think of them!

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