Malisend announces their new and first mini-album Lost Soleil (ロストソレイユ) to release on February 3, and we have a preview already! This new release will contain one introduction track and six new songs. Do you like what you hear in the video digest posted above?

If you happen to be in Japan, don’t miss the opportunity to pick up the CD five days earlier attending to their live at Ikebukuro EDGE on January 29!

Lost Soleil (ロストソレイユ)
OPEN/16:00 START/16:30
Price: 3,300 yen in advance/3,800 yen
Cast: MALISEND/Mediena (メディーナ)/DAMY/PIGLOW in GLOOMY/JILUKA/Tokami

Purchase your tickets at e-plus.

In case you never heard of this band before, head over to our previous coverage and watch their music video for their first single Lobelia (ロベリア).

And below you will find the band’s impressive new look as well as the tracklist of Lost Soleil and its cover artwork:

malisend lost soleil new look

Malisend’s new look for “Lost Soleil”.

malisend lost soleil yu-ki

Vocalist Yu-ki (悠樹)

malisend lost soleil sizuki

Guitarist Sizuki (紫月)

malisend lost soleil hibari

Guitarist Hibari (雲雀)

malisend lost soleil rino

Bassist Rino ( 璃乃)

malisend lost soleil aru

Drummer Aru (或)

malisend lost soleil cover

Lost Soleil

Limited edition 2500 yen


  1. CHAOS~混沌~(SE)
  2. Dedicate
  3. luxuria
  4. T.T.H
  5. Shinen (深淵)
  6. Haramu kioku, mishiranu kimi (孕む記憶、見知らぬ君)

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