MALISEND 1st single 「ロベリア」MV FULL

Today we are introducing a brand new band called MALISEND. They are a completely new band formed this year in late April, but it wasn’t until September 18 when they started formal activities, when they performed their one-man live at Meguro Rock May Kan. At this show they released their first single titled Lobelia (ロベリア), which included two songs and the music video for the title-track.

They recently announced their first mini-album release while kindly revealing the full music video for Lobelia (ロベリア). The details of this upcoming release are yet to be revealed, however we already know that this album will arrive next year on January.

Still a long way to go, but the band already announced that they will celebrate their first anniversary with a one-man live at Ikebukuro EDGE on May 1, 2016.

Below are the band members in their current look:


MALISEND’s current look.

malisend yuki

Vocalist yu-ki (悠樹)

malisend sizuki

Guitarist sizuki (紫月)

malisend hibari

Guitarist hibari (雲雀)

malisend rino

Bassist rino (璃乃)

malisend aru

Drummer aru (或)

More info:
Official Website

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