It was announced a month ago that DIV would be releasing a new mini-album titled EDR Tokyo on March 16. It will come in regular edition, containing a total of six songs while the limited edition will have five songs and a M-Card.

We have no idea what an M-Card looks like or how it works but what we do know is that it will allow fans to download the music video for Tokyo, Nettaiya ni Tsuki (東京、熱帯夜につき), unfortunately for overseas fans, according to CDJapan there is a chance that it will not work outside of Japan. Regardless, its an interesting way to distribute exclusive content but also an alternative to fighting piracy. Previously, Kameleo used something similar for their single, Paripipo.

You may be thinking, “What the hell does ‘EDR’ actually mean?” Well, the band have stated that it stands for “Electronic Dance Rock” which seems like an alternative to EDM and is probably something that will be explored further in this release.

This should come as no surprise seeing the direction they went in for SECRET and Ikenai KISS. They’ve also been known to coin terms as they have done so before with Golden Kinema Gekijou and calling it “retreamo”, a mixture of Retro and Screamo.

How do you guys feel about bands creating unheard genres of their own and how do you feel about their current direction? Be sure to let us know in the comments below but in the meantime, check out their new look!

DIV CHISA Individual Artist Photo

Vocalist CHISA

DIV Shogo Individual Artist Photo

Guitarist Shogo (将吾)

DIV Chobi Individual Artist Photo

Bassist Chobi (ちょび)

DIV Satoshi Individual Artist Photo

Drummer satoshi

EDR TOKYO Limited Edition


Limited edition 3000 yen


  1. Tokyo, Nettaiya ni Tsuki (東京、熱帯夜につき)
  3. Kanbi na Uso to Taikutsu na Usobeni (甘美な嘘と退屈な薄紅)
  4. Relic Snow
  5. Kamisama ga Mosh Iru Nara (神様がもしいるなら)

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EDR TOKYO Regular Edition


Regular edition 2500 yen


  1. Tokyo, Nettaiya ni Tsuki (東京、熱帯夜につき)
  3. Kanbi na Uso to Taikutsu na Usobeni (甘美な嘘と退屈な薄紅)
  4. Sakura Yume (サクラユメ)
  5. Relic Snow
  6. Kamisama ga Mosh Iru Nara (神様がもしいるなら)

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