On January 12, DAMNED introduced their latest vocalist, Hitone, to the official lineup. Additionally, support guitarist Suica officially joined the band. This exciting news coincided with the release of the band’s ninth single, Anemone, which is now globally accessible for purchase and streaming.

Intriguingly, the single Anemone showcases both the former vocalist Keigo and the new vocalist Hitone in separate tracks.

The lead track, Anemone, is performed by Hitone, who also penned the lyrics. This piece contrasts with DAMNED’s earlier works, presenting a softer composition by guitarist Kou. Hitone’s vocals add a fresh dimension to the band, featuring a voice capable of delivering gentle high notes before smoothly transitioning into deep growls.

For those yearning for the previous vocalist Keigo, the B-side track Grimnir provides a familiar touch reminiscent of DAMNED’s earlier work, sung by Keigo himself. This might serve as a final opportunity to experience something from Keigo in the context of DAMNED.

Stream it for yourself, and experience the contrast in vocals and styles as the band welcomes new members.

In 2023, DAMNED experienced the departure of two members: guitarist You and vocalist Keigo. They have been succeeded by vocalist Hitone and guitarist Suica.

To commemorate the lineup change and the release of Anemone, DAMNED has shared fresh artist photos. Take a look below and familiarize yourself with their latest members.

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