Fans of the band DAMNED are in for some bittersweet news—lead vocalist Keigo has shared that he’ll be stepping down from the lineup after their live performance on November 22, 2023. Despite this change, the remaining members are determined to push forward, and they’re committed to keeping their scheduled live performances through at least December. While it’s a sad moment, the band is resilient and ready to embrace the next chapter in their musical journey.

Keigo personally shared the details of his decision on social media, and we’ve translated his words into English for you below.

As stated in the announcement, I have decided to withdraw from DAMNED at the end of November.

First of all, my sincere apologies that this would be an unfortunate announcement to all the people who have supported me thus far, and to all the people who would continue to cheer me on.

The reason I have decided to withdraw is as follows. During my time as the vocalist of DAMNED, I have begun to realize the limit of my own abilities as a vocalist. Considering that it would not be beneficial for the other members and myself to continue on like this, I have arrived at this conclusion.

Given that by doing this, there becomes a high probability of DAMNED itself disbanding, it would be awkward towards the members who decide to continue on. Nonetheless, I thank them for doing so.

Given that there are only three remaining shows, I will be giving it my all until the very end. Please look forward to it.

Vocalist Keigo

While DAMNED has been making waves as a must-watch band this year, they’ve faced some setbacks in recent months. In a notable departure earlier this year, DAMNED bid farewell to their second guitarist, You, after a final performance on June 28. Stepping in as support guitarist is Suica, formerly the guitarist of the now-disbanded band DOBE.

JROCK NEWS wishes the best of luck to Keigo on his journey, as well as the current members of DAMNED.

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