DAMNED wasted no time since their formation in 2022 and continues their unstoppable momentum with the release of their sixth single, REFRAIN. Available on Bandcamp starting June 21, this release features the title track and the melancholic B-side, “hollow.”.

REFRAIN carries the signature hallmarks of DAMNED so far—scorched earth growls, rapid-picking guitars thrust over distortion pedals, and end-of-the-world hollow reverberations.

DAMNED made an announcement that their second guitarist, You (瑶), will be leaving the band after their performance on June 28. However, the announcement clarifies that this departure will not impact the band’s scheduled July tour.

For their upcoming performance at Shinjuku Blaze on July 2, DAMNED has enlisted the support of guitarist Suica (酔花), formerly the guitarist of the disbanded band DOBE. Notably, guitarist “Kou.” and bassist Sakura (咲薇) of DAMNED are also former members of DOBE.

In some good news for DAMNED, on June 19 the band’s first single VELTRO ranked 20th in the daily top rock ranking in France! You can check out all their work so far (excluding REFRAIN, for now) here at TuneCore.

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