On December 13, the progressive metal band Petit Brabancon unveiled its latest digital single, “a humble border”. Composed by drummer Yukihiro, the track transcends the boundaries of musical genres, skillfully fusing elements of both metal and electronic music. You can now stream the single worldwide on various platforms, accessible either here or at the end of this post.

“a humble border” marries the intensity found in Petit Brabancon’s debut album, “Fetish” with the electronic melodies showcased in this year’s “Automata”. The energizing composition steadily ramps up the tension, guaranteed to make you leap into action during live performances.

A teaser video was posted on Petit Brabancon’s YouTube channel on December 6, a week before the official release, enhancing the overall intensity and anticipation surrounding the single.

Petit Brabancon「a humble border」Teaser

Even though Christmas is right around the corner, Petit Brabancon brings its ferocity to the streets! If you find yourself in Tokyo, the teaser will be aired at Shinjuku KABUKICHO TOWER VISION, from December 18–24 between 07:00 and 25:00 (JST).

If you catch the teaser on the big screen in Shinjuku, why not snap a photo and tag the band? Petit Brabancon has been extremely interactive on social media since its inception, with giveaways and real-life scavenger hunt challenges. We’re sure they’ll appreciate the shout-out!

Petit Brabancon kicks off the new year with a bang through their live series, “EXPLODE-02”, scheduled for January 2024 in Tokyo and Osaka. The four performances will each have unique concepts, which reflect different shades of the band’s dark worldview. Tickets are available for international customers now!

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