Petit Brabancon is set to unveil their latest digital single, “a humble border” which will be globally available for streaming starting December 13. This new track, composed by drummer Yukihiro with lyrics by vocalist Kyo, will be accessible worldwide on popular platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Stay tuned for more details on a humble border. Fans are encouraged to tune in when it drops on December 13, as it sets the stage for Petit Brabancon’s much-anticipated live performances, titled “EXPLODE-02-” next year. As per the band’s Twitter announcement, a humble border is anticipated to be a major crowd-pleaser during these live shows.

A musical journey into the New Year

Petit Brabancon kicks off the new year with a bang through their live series, “EXPLODE-02”, scheduled for January 2024 in Tokyo and Osaka. The four performances will each have unique concepts, which reflect different shades of the band’s dark worldview.

The initial events unfold at Shibuya Cube in Tokyo, starting with “Petit Brabancon EXPLODE-02- Gushing Blood” on January 2, followed by “Petit Brabancon EXPLODE-02- Neglected Human” on January 3. The action then shifts to Namba Hatch in Osaka, featuring guest ROTTENGRAFFTY on January 7 for “Petit Brabancon EXPLODE-02- BOUJU” and on January 8 as “Petit Brabancon EXPLODE-02- SRBM”.

Attention overseas fans! Gear up because tickets for the upcoming concerts will be available starting November 25, 2023, at 10:00 (JST). Save the date for an exciting musical journey into the new year!

Don’t miss the live event trailer, blending the charm of an old-time circus with a touch of a twisted freakshow. Check it out below!

Petit Brabancon EXPLODE -02-

Yukihiro’s compositional fingerprints

Circling back to the upcoming single, a humble border is just one of the latest contributions to Petit Brabancon’s repertoire composed by drummer Yukihiro.

As a member of Petit Brabancon, Yukihiro is known for contributing an electronic edge to the band’s distinctive musical style. He has previously showcased a captivating blend of ambient electronic sounds in the 2022 track “come to a screaming halt”, off Petit Brabancon’s first full album, Fetish. More recently, he brought us a hauntingly dispassionate array of tones in “surely”, from this year’s experimental mini-album Automata.

With these characteristics as a clue, we can only imagine what excitement is in store for a humble border!

Immerse yourself in Yukihiro’s distinctive style by giving the studio version of surely a listen below.

Petit Brabancon「surely - Studio Session Ver.-」

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