On May 1, the dynamic Japanese rock band D=OUT released the music video for their digital single Kessaku (傑作). The title means “masterpiece” in English. The video’s YouTube caption boldly states, “If life is a work of art, then your life is a masterpiece”.

Fitting this theme, the video is a work of art itselfa feast for the senses with opulent costumes and vibrant visuals. Each frame bursts with a riot of color, rich texture, and dynamic lighting, perfectly complementing the tune’s upbeat tempo. The melody blends traditional Japanese instruments with electronic music and electric guitars. The song is punctuated by an invigorating guitar solo, courtesy of guitarist Ibuki.

Lively and dancey, the music video for Kessaku reminds us of D=OUT’s earlier hits such as Kabuki Disco and Heisei Chou Bubble.

【最新曲】ダウト/傑作【Official Video】

The digital single Kessaku became available for purchase and streaming on April 21. You can find it on all major digital music stores and streaming platforms. You can look for it at your favorite store or streaming platform here.

Kessaku is just the beginning of what D=OUT has in store for us this year. On August 8, they release their highly-anticipated 16th album, Gokudou. After, the band kicks off a nationwide Japan tour commemorating the release. This whirlwind of events culminates in a moving finale, when the band headlines at Tokyo National Forum on April 27, 2025.

Though this song may be called “Masterpiece”, there’s certainly more to come from this band! Keep your eyes on them as anticipation ramps up for an exciting year ahead.

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