Following their first-ever live performance and release of the 4-track single Kawaki a few months ago—Petit Brabancon will be releasing their first 13-track full album, Fetish on August 10. This album comes in two release formats, a limited and a regular edition—with tracks composed by drummer yukihiro (L’Arc-en-Ciel) and guitarist antz (Tokyo Shoegazer, ex-Acid android).

The limited-edition comes with an exclusive figure that’s available in two designs and was masterminded by vocalist Kyo (DIR EN GREY, sukekiyo) who collects art figures and toys. Kyo aspired to make “something like a CD and a toy as a set”, giving birth to this idea. Visuals of the two toys are not yet available, but we know the design of the figure depends on which store you buy from—either Maverick Store or Galaxy Broadshop. If you’re curious, make sure to keep an eye on their social media. On top of the toy, the limited edition includes a Blu-ray of their First Premium Live Performance Kawaki which only 29 people had the opportunity of attending.

Regular versions are available to pre-order through Tower Records and Amazon and pre-orders for both editions open on June 1.

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