On April 18, visual kei band Torikabuto released their first music video Rasetsu (羅刹), unveiling the band’s chilling artistry.

Introducing their debut track Rasetsu to the world, composed by Hinachi, Torikabuto brings forth a terrifying visual spectacle akin to inhuman entities from a horror film.

Surrounded by dark and chilling scenery, vocalist Uta embraces the horror theme, delivering chaotic vocal hooks and monstrous screams. Complementing the eerie atmosphere, guitarist Rokugen and drummer Taiko deliver powerful headbanger riffs. With bassist Rogen acting as the glue that holds the track together, he provides the weight to this heavy arrangement.

Rasetsu is a bold first demonstration of Torikabuto’s abilities, showcasing an extravagant composition that leaves fans eagerly anticipating more from the band’s repertoire.


Torikabuto was formed in 2024 with two former Kebyo members; namely, Uta who was previously known as Miyuki Watanuki, and Gogen who was known as Yokugai Fumiya.

The music video for Rasetsu is the first release, and shows a promising future for the band.

Take a look at the band’s chilling visuals from Rasetsu below.

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