With the passing of Reita, the members of the GazettE have shared their heartfelt and heartbreaking farewells to the brightest bassist out there, Reita.

In the farewell messages, the members make mentions of the “forever” that Reita wished for, referring to Reita’s last tweet posted the day before his passing.

In our translations below, we tried to keep the messages as faithful to the original source as possible, taking into account nuances such as vocalist Ruki’s use of hiragana for “Reita” (れいた), and the other members’ use of “REITA” in capital letters, and more.

Please read every word that the members had to share.

Vocalist Ruki

I think the meaning of what [Reita] posted at the end, “I hope that the GazettE lasts forever”, is that he wanted to be able to see that amazing view from the stage in 2023—the view that he saw with his own eyes—for the rest of time.

That view he saw together with you, the fans.
Your happy faces.
That place where all of us raised our voices together.

That wonderful, irreplaceable treasure.

I think that he thought it would be wonderful if that moment would last an eternity.

I remember you saying that you wanted to play a show soon.

“Even when I’m having a hard time, getting together with my band members like this and laughing is when I’m having the most fun”, he was the type of kind, passionate guy, who even after becoming an adult could say this with total honesty.

I loved that honesty.

We even joked around about taking care of our health this year, just like we did every year on our birthdays.

This band will never be a 4 member thing.
No matter what anyone says.

You’re the only bassist for us.

I know your soul is always going to be there on my right-hand side.

Nobody will be able to see it, but we’ll feel it.

That proof of life that you built with the GazettE will live on.

That’s what I believe.
That you’ll always be beside me as I keep singing, Reita.

We’ll never become something that you’d hate.

I don’t want to make you sad.

Humans lives are finite, but I think the soul remains.

Your soul will live on, in us, in me, in our fans.

I want to keep playing shows that will make those I love want to come back and play, even when they’re just souls.

Because all of our fans are here for us, we can create that view he wanted to see and keep him here with us forever.

So please stay by my side from here on out, too.

I know he’d like it best if you remembered him with a smile, and how amazing he was, instead of being sad when you see him.

We’ll be more than ready to look after this band from here on out.

We’ll show you that “forever” you wished for, Reita.

So make sure you come down from heaven for every show, okay?

We’ll always have a seat for you.

Things are going to get really busy from here on out.

Once we’ve settled on a schedule, I’ll contact you again.

Guitarist Uruha

To all the fans who supported REITA until now,

I think he was a huge source of support for everyone, including myself.
I still can’t accept that he’s not here, that we won’t be able to stand on stage together again.
I think there’s going to be a lot of things I’ll come to understand slowly over time.
But drowning in sorrow forever won’t let us bring his wish to see “forever” to life, and I deeply feel that I need the strength to keep moving forward from here on.
I also think that the road we paved with him to get here is irreplaceable, and I think we all want to keep that alive inside of us in the future.

He gave us so much, and stood by our side for so long, and now and forever, he will be one of my closest friends.
Please keep all the words, the memories, and the love for everyone that he gave us in your hearts.
REITA will live on in our hearts.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for always supporting the GazettE and REITA in more ways than one.

Guitarist Aoi

Out of all the things and all the work I’ve had to do with these members and our small team of staff, this is the only one I haven’t wanted to do.

There was a time in the past when I considered giving up on my dream.
Back then, after so many discussions, and some encouragement, the other members managed to convince me not to give up.

That’s the kind of band we are, and that’s how the GazettE came to be where it is.
REITA, you’re not the type of person who wishes for eternity. You’re the type who is eternal.
To someone like you, I can’t say something clever like “I’ll carry the weight of your burden too”.
I wanted to make more music with you, and see so much more together.
No matter where or what, if it’s all 5 of us and our fans are there, it would be amazing.
It’s so painful, having all these things I want to say and knowing none of them will come true.
Anyway, when I make my way over there, I’m going to give you a stern talking to. You must be sad that we’re suddenly not around anymore, but just rest up until we meet again.
I have a little more that I need to do on this side first.

Thanks for coming all this way with us. Rest in peace.

Drummer Kai

REITA was such a huge presence to me, more than I can even know. All the words, saving me with sound, the mood maker of the band; really, I have so many truly wonderful memories of him, but most of all, his brilliant appearance when he was on stage.

He was the best partner anyone could ask for in the rhythm section, truly one of a kind.
That hasn’t and will not change.

I want to carry his memory with me, and be more determined than ever to continue the GazettE.

Lastly, to all our fans and associates who have supported us throughout these 22 years,
Thank you.
I want to keep running forward, all 5 of us, and hope you’ll stay with us.

Rest easy. Thank you.
Just like always, with everyone by our side, we’ll keep the GazettE alive. I promise.

I don’t want those 22 years of yours to be wasted, and there are plenty of others who don’t either.
Make sure you show your face at our shows!

Let’s drink the good stuff together again sometime, okay?

We tried to get these message ready for you as soon as possible, but reading through them was extremely emotional and difficult for us.

While we understand that for most, this might not provide any real closure, but we hope you were able to grasp the sentiment and genuine emotions that the members shared.

As fans, we will continue to protect that “forever” too, Reita. Please rest assured.

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