Shiki Miyoshino (美吉野しき), a member of the virtual YouTuber group PRISM Project, is set to make her major debut under Sony Music Labels Inc. with her digital single titled hanahaki syndrome. The upcoming single will be out on July 12 and is composed by the enigmatic US-based composer, “GHOST“.

As suggested by the title of the major debut single, the song explores the theme of “Hanahaki Syndrome”, which is a fictional disease where individuals suffering from unrequited love cough up flower petals.

Despite Shiki being an occultic inugami, a “dog spirit”, born from the wandering souls of dog owners who have lost their passion, she maintains a lively and cheerful demeanor. Alongside her mystical origins, she possesses a profound affection for music, horror, and, unsurprisingly, dogs.

A teaser video has been shared with the ambiguous title “EPISODE 001”.

In the accompanying comment, Shiki expresses her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity and hopes to bring her message to fans worldwide.

I’m excited and humbled for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that PRISM Project and Sony Music are giving me! As a Sony Music artist, I’m looking forward to promoting my content and bringing my message to the entire world, and ensuring that all my fans continue to find an appreciation for feeling alive through horror and the occult. My debut single definitely reflects that—it’s super spooky and everything I could’ve hoped for in a major debut song, so I hope everyone will listen to it!

Composer GHOST also shared their view.

I had a lot of fun participating in this project. I was delighted to try something a little different from my usual music.

About PRISM Project

PRISM Project is a virtual talent management agency operating under Sony Music Entertainment Japan and mainly promotes English-speaking VTubers.

PRISM Project is a multinational VTuber agency from the future.

Our mission at PRISM Project is to create a world where all people on Earth can find something they love and feel happiness every single day.

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