While we still don’t have any substantial information on the release day of the upcoming X Japan album, Yoshiki reveals in an interview with Revolver that he’s still improving the mix of the album content.

When asked if the new album is almost done, Yoshiki gave this answer:

I don’t think anybody’s going to believe what I say [laughs] because I kept saying that. I was at the mixing studio today. Might as well just remix something and make it better, because we are not really rushing to release the album right this moment. So I’m just fine-tuning a little bit. But if I had to release it next week, it’s done.


I’m just doing a little fine-tuning up to the release date.

Given the information from the answer, it at least aligns with what was announced back in 2019, where Yoshiki himself stated that “X Japan’s album is actually completed. It took over 10 years to record”. But as for why it hasn’t been released yet, he stated back then: “I’m looking for the perfect timing to release it”.

In 2020, Yoshiki shared on social media that he thinks the album is “coming soon”. Seeing that it has been two years since then, it’s difficult to interpret what “soon” really implies. As always, we’ll simply have to wait and see.

If you’re interested in reading the full interview, click here to head to Revolver. The interview touches on Yoshiki’s recent activities, such as the new Coca-Cola collaboration energy drink Real Gold XY, western rock influences, relief donations, and even some world-renowned Kpop groups.

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