Back in May, the legendary drummer and leader of X Japan, Yoshiki, teased and claimed that with the Coca-Cola collaboration project, we would allegedly be able to witness something “revolutionary”. A week later, Yoshiki revealed the two energy drinks “Real Gold X” and “Real Gold Y” that were inspired by rock and classical music, respectively.

Naturally, we had to try it out for ourselves to truly grasp the weight of these new energy drinks—especially since they’re inspired by the two sides of Yoshiki. Is this pair of drinks really as revolutionary as Yoshiki claims? Let’s find out by asking our resident JROCK NEWS test subjects!

Yoshiki’s energy drinks, inspired by rock and classical music.

What was your overall impression when hearing about an energy drink created by Yoshiki?

Afaenia: I was kind of surprised, actually! Yoshiki has never given me the impression he uses energy drinks.

Mazo: I was definitely excited to hear about an energy drink created by a Jrock icon, especially Yoshiki.

Omatsu: “Oh, Yoshiki is starting another thing” [laughs].

What flavors did you expect based on their appearances and names?

Afaenia: About Real Gold X, I think I was expecting red fruits. And for Real Gold Y, the blue one, like berries or grapes?

Mazo: I expected X to have a bold but sweet flavor, close to Red Bull, especially because of the name. Meanwhile, I expected a mild flavor from Y, like blueberry.

Omatsu: From the name alone, X made me think it would be stronger in terms of effect and taste.

In the end, how were the drinks?

Afaenia: X and Y both seem to use the original Real Gold drink [that has been around since 1981] as a base, but X adds in some spices—I think I tasted cinnamon—and Y added in some herbs, which I could not pick out but was a new flavor experience.

Mazo: X was pretty standard in terms of energy drink flavors—it was neutral. As for Y, it was oddly herbal. If you live in the states, it was close to the flavor of a tea-infused Monster Energy.

Omatsu: X tasted kind of like the regular Monster Energy drink. The slight spice was stimulating and was pretty interesting, so I think if you enjoy that kind of flavor you’d like it. Regards to Y, it felt like the flavor wasn’t as strong in comparison, but I drank Y after drinking X, so maybe that’s why.

Would you buy them again?

Afaenia: I might buy Y again just because it’s different, but X isn’t so far off the original flavor. Y really did help with my concentration though!

Mazo: I would definitely buy either one again, mostly for the novelty and to support the idea and the potential for more people to make their own drinks.

Omatsu: Personally, I want that energy and stimulation when I consume energy drinks so, X!

Which artist would you nominate next to create their own energy drink?

Afaenia: I’d love to see Crossfaith put out an energy drink! Just please not Jäger-flavored [laughs].

Mazo: I think DEVILOOF could pull off an amazing label design and name with an inspiring flavor.

Omatsu: T.M.Revolution. He’s always full of energy.

Based on the participants from the JROCK NEWS team, it seems like Yoshiki was able to successfully create two enjoyable drinks. And with Real Gold Y, it actually helped Afaenia concentrate thanks to its classical music inspiration and approach.

However, are Real Gold X and Real Gold Y as revolutionary as Yoshiki made them sound? Probably not, but it’s definitely interesting to see these types of unexpected collaborations unfold, and we really want to see more!

What will Yoshiki do next?

Update 2022-06-27: Yoshiki officially confirms that Real Gold X and Real Gold Y are revolutionary!

【リアルゴールドXY】by YOSHIKI x Coca-Cola 60秒 合体篇 ! 「NEWエナジードリンク X Y」【 RealGoldXY】NEW Energy Drink! New Song

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