The one-of-a-kind screaming and metal VTuber, Futakuchi Mana, has released her long-awaited cover song “Not Photogenic” on April 1. Originally by the metal Vocaloid producer Utsu-P, this cover was first teased back in July 2021 and has been on our radar ever since—we’re fans of both artists after all. But was it worth the almost year-long wait? Totally.

While Utsu-P did an excellent job programming and tuning the Hatsune Miku vocals in the original version, we couldn’t help but feel that Mana’s interpretation more or less doubled the fierce attitude, giving the song almost a completely new character. Alongside Mana’s vocals is also the instrumental cover itself which helped metalize the song even further, thanks to Mitsui Jun, who is credited for the mix as well.

Before you listen to Mana’s cover of Not Photogenic, have a word from Mana herself:

I finally released this goddamn cover. Enjoy!

【COVER】映えない / Not Photogenic 【Futakuchi Mana 二口魔菜】

As always, Mana shares her music in the form of “pay what you want”, so you can essentially download the song for free on Bandcamp while streaming on Spotify is coming soon. If you feel like Mana’s music is worth your time, make sure to show your support!

On the same day of release, Mana held a livestream where she talked about the process of creating the cover and the reason the crew decided to schedule it for April 1.

To learn more about Futakuchi Mana, give our previous coverage a read where we gathered all the essential features surrounding Mana in one place.

About Futakuchi Mana

Futakuchi Mana (二口魔菜 two-mouthed demonic vegetable), is a VTuber who labels herself as a virtual singer who “enjoys sing(scream)ing”.

Her name references a popular youkai in Japanese mythology. The demonic veggie part of her name also points out her vegan nature and inability to process food that is not plant-based. She even lives in the “Ninth Circle of Hell” and can communicate in English, Japanese, and Demon.

Even though she presents herself to us as a VTuber, she is primarily a “Youkai Head Torcherer”—simply moonlighting as a VTuber.

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