New band LOA-ROAR has entered the limelight, pairing vocalist maco of deadman and drummer Kyou formerly in Merry Go Round. LOA-ROAR’s first mini-album Ikenie (生贄) releases on December 4.

Jacket art for upcoming mini-album “Ikenie”.

The mini-album Ikenie contains three tracks: Rasen, Shinigami, and Yurikago wa penguin. Ikenie will be available at LOA-ROAR’s first live performance at Shinjuku LOFT on December 4. At that live show, LOA-ROAR will perform as a support act for DAVID SKULL NO RECORDS 20th anniversary -GOD MAN-, a two-man act featuring bands “the god and death stars” and deadman.

LOA-ROAR will accept overseas mail orders for album Ikenie at a later date.

A flyer advertising the concert where LOA-ROAR will make its live debut.

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  1. Rasen
  2. Shinigami
  3. Yurikago wa penguin
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