BabyKingdom has announced that they will leave B.P.Records after their WINTER ONEMAN TOUR ‘Jurrasic Adventure’ -TOUR FINAL- on December 11 at Kanda Square Hall performance.

The band state that this is not a negative decision as they always had the goal of becoming independent someday and the label accepted their wishes. BabyKingdom thanks fans for their support and assures them that they’ll continue their activities. Read the translation of the announcement below:

Thank you for always giving BabyKingdom your warm support.
We are sorry to give such a sudden announcement to all our fans who have supported us, and to everyone involved with us.
However, this isn’t a negative decision. We always said that one day we wanted to be independent, so we had many discussions with our company and they pushed us into choosing this path.
After our final show we will no longer be represented by B.P. RECORDS, but we as BabyKingdom intend to keep moving forward as always.
We ask for all our fans and people involved with us to keep supporting us as always.

From all BabyKingdom members.

The band also added:

We will continue our activities with gratitude in our hearts towards our fans and everyone involved, so we wish from the bottom of our hearts that you can give your warm support to not only BabyKingdom but also B.P. RECORDS from now on.

BabyKingdom joined record label B.P.Records in 2019 with their single Don! BURACO that was released on April 17, 2019. During this time, the band has released five singles, two albums, and three live DVDs. Their tour WINTER ONEMAN TOUR ‘Jurrasic Adventure’ commemorates their single Kyouryu Sanka DINOBOY, released on October 27 and will be their last on the record label. B.P.Records are home to bands such as Codomo Dragon, Royz, and Kiryu.

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