DADAROMA‘s vocalist Yoshiatsu has formed a new band, Fukuro. In conjunction with the formation, the vocalist spoke out about DADAROMA’s hiatus in a long and heartfelt message.

The new band Fukuro has entered the scene and consists of many familiar faces. On vocals, we have Yoshiatsu; and then, Daisuke Sato on piano; Yutara from the band MonstlloW on bass, and Lotto on drums, formerly in Sioux.

Fukuro also announced and released its first mini-album Fukuro No Mori with a total of six tracks on September 6, around the same time the band was revealed. Alongside this, the band has uploaded a music video for the sixth and last song on the mini-album, “Itsuka Wa Shindeshimau Bokurawa”.

梟 -「いつかは死んでしまう僕らは」(Official Music Video)

Through the music video, it presents the first insight into their sound with the band performing in a dimly lit cave. It’s something completely different to DADAROMA and will prove disappointing to fans who expected something heavier. Here, Daisuke’s dulcet and calming piano playing leads the song followed by Yoshiatsu singing before the bass and drums kick in. It’s beautiful, simple, and slow.

Yoshiatsu also clarified his feelings on DADAROMA’s hiatus in a recent tweet, explaining the impact the hiatus had on him in a delicate manner, while still being straightforward. For those who need a reminder, DADAROMA commenced its hiatus after the band’s final performance on May 20, 2020.

To start this off, if possible I wanted to avoid putting out a negative-sounding announcement. I didn’t want to make the people who still like me sadder than they already are with this news.

For that reason, I thought it would be alright if, for example, I were to become the target of criticisms. Even if I were to avoid bringing it up, I thought that it couldn’t be helped whether people would still like me or not.

Even so, trusting my own sincerity, I considered what I would have to do for the people I love and decided to silently carry out an answer to that question that would be fitting to me.

However, I can’t keep it in it anymore so I would like you to let me say this one thing.

I was the one who suggested that DADAROMA should continue to live on somehow. The one who devoted most of their life to DADAROMA was me. The one to whom DADAROMA was most important, was me. It’s impossible for me not to love the songs, the children, I gave life to. They are all my blood and bones. They are the most earnest pictures that I’ve painted in my life. After all, I am the one who feels the most regret about being unable to keep my promise.

For the past year and a half or so, I was forced to keep quiet but despite that, I kept thinking about the people who were waiting for and believing in me and being unable to convey that, in the end, was frustrating.

I was fine with not saying anything. Nevertheless, being misunderstood is something that no matter what, I can’t accept.

There are many things that I can’t say. I questioned why people could do certain things and became unable to trust people time and time again in this year and a half.

Even so, I stayed diligently silent and continued to think about the people I love. I kept moving. Besides that, I’m glad I was able to talk openly about other things going on in my life. However, during a show, I once said “Even the people who spend more time loving the people important to them than hating someone, aren’t happy”.

All I can say is this, I won’t say any more than this. From now on, no matter what misunderstandings may occur, I won’t say anything more about this.

I thought that what I had to do, in any case, is continue to make crappy songs for those who are still waiting.

And then I thought that even more than before, these songs shouldn’t lie.

I’ve made the most wonderful album. You don’t have to listen to it. It’s ok if it reaches you someday.

Fukuro has begun.

September 6, 2021, Yoshiatsu

Their artist photos see the band members suited from top to bottom with flower motifs used throughout.

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  1. Fukuro No Ki
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  6. "Itsuka Wa Shindeshimau Bokurawa"
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