Samurai guitarist MIYAVI announced his 13th original album, Imaginary, which will be released on September 15. It is his first new full-length album since last year’s Holy Nights.

With a captivating visual in which MIYAVI seems weightless, this album promises to transport us into a new world, defying gravity, reality and shining as a beacon of hope.

MIYAVI seems like a figment of our imagination in this abstract image.

Imaginary will have 10 tracks, including original songs like the ECC x MIYAVI “Sekaijin ni Narou” Project theme song “Are You With Me?”. A wide variety of covers and collaboration songs are also in the lineup.

MIYAVI shared his thoughts and reflections on the new album:

Imaginary. A new gravity.
Fresh values. A world reversed.
Imagination and creativity alone will carry us into the future. I strongly believe so. I’m an evolved MIYAVI, casting all these themes into this album.

MIYAVI’s unrivaled guitar style sparks a cross-genre chemical reaction, incorporating contemporary pop nuances with his signature slap-guitar style. Imaginary promises to continue to evolve from his past styles, transcending borders and touching a wide range of listeners.

There will be three versions of the album available to purchase: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, and Regular Edition. The limited editions include a bonus DVD, featuring edited footage of his MIYAVI Virtual Livestream which aired last year. It will be interwoven with snippets of a new, exclusive interview MIYAVI filmed himself. The full feature will be split into two 90-minute segments, the first part on Limited Edition A, and the second on Limited Edition B.

MIYAVI celebrates his 40th birthday on September 14—the day before the album’s release. As such, a commemorative birthday celebration concert has also been announced, with more details on the way!

From there the cross-genre musician sets off on his North America Tour on September 30. Tickets have been selling fast as fans await his return to the continent, where he makes his second home. Demand is so high that a second performance was already added for Chicago, the October 19 show!

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