On May 12, dark rockers Labaiser will release their newest single limited to only 100 copies, Hallucinations. The single will contain three tracks, and will only be available at live concerts and online. Labaiser also revealed a music video for one of the new tracks Hakuchuumu (“Daydream”), showcasing a whole new look for the band in stunning white.

Labaiser’s running theme has been “A Contract to the Abyss”, expressing a world of darkness through heavy tones, distorted guitars, and guttural growls. They have not stopped their cry from the darkness, but their new song Hakuchuumu takes a cleaner, more tender approach.

Focusing on vocalist Saya’s emotional voice, Hakuchuumu is an epic and sorrowful love ballad. Dressed in all white, Saya sings as if he is about to fall apart. The song starts with piano and string music, and as Saya’s emotions soar, the band plays along, creating a worldview on a grand scale.

In the music video, in an abandoned, battered room, the band’s performance reflects their chilling thoughts. Bassist Yamato plays the contrabass, an instrument similar to a cello, which plays an effective role in adding tenderness and warmth to the song. The fact that the video starts in black-and-white, but becomes more colorful towards the end, is also a brilliant way to depict the change in feelings of the song’s protagonist.

The single Hallucinations will be available for sale at their three-man live concert on May 12. They will perform at Live House Shishio (Tokyo) alongside bands Kaneto Juusei and Hitchcock.

Check out the band’s all-white, stunning, new look.

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