Clarity, a Japanese band fronted by an Irish vocalist, released their fifth single True Believer digitally on September 30, and to accompany it, the band revealed its pink-filled music video.

Each member is presented with tantalizing distractions to throw them off their individual performances. Cupcakes, a girl walking past, beachballs, a cuddly bear, a Nintendo Switch, you name it. It’s all there!

These temptations are amplified by vocalist Andy’s catchy and poppy vocals all in English. The lyrics focus on the topic of physical intimacy with another despite the consequences that might come with it.

This, combined with the melodic and technical guitar work reminiscent of djent and full-sounding bass, makes for a brilliant match. Everything about this song calls for the need to jump up and down to your heart’s content with its lively and energetic vibe.

Clarity is a multilingual international band hailing from Tokyo, Japan consisting of vocalist Andy, guitarists Riki and Kai, and bassist Maki. Andy, originally from Ireland, moved to Japan in 2014 to pursue a career in the music industry. Riki is an award-winning guitarist and bilingual in Japanese and English, allowing him to work as a translator and interpreter. Kai is the founding member of Redondo Arts, a music production house in Tokyo, and Maki is a multi-instrumentalist as well as a video editor.

They have released five singles and one EP thus far with more material in the works. Their sound could be compared to Survive Said The Prophet with the chill vibes of the American band Polyphia.

See how the music video was produced in the behind-the-scenes video:

  1. True Believer
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