One of the songs that stood out from BABYMETAL’s latest album METAL GALAXY, released last year, was the rap metal song BxMxC. Unfortunately, it was only included in the Japanese version, and not the international one. But now, the song has received the attention it truly deserves with it being released as a stand-alone single digitally worldwide, and as an LP!

The digital release is available today while the LP can be pre-ordered via CDJapan with a December 9 release date—although, it looks like it’s already been sold out. Well, that was fast… At least you can enjoy the new music video where the two metal heroes fight their way to the boss battle through metal and rapping!


BABYMETAL is constantly taking their music into new areas and evolving with time. In our recent interview with the unit, main vocalist SU-METAL had this to say:

I feel that METAL GALAXY is also an album that comprises songs that are probably a surprise to everyone, but this unexpectedness best portrays what BABYMETAL is all about!


For the older albums, my voice was the leading guide to creating the tracks. But this time around, I sang to the tracks that were already made and really experimented with the way I sang. And I feel that this change has allowed me to widen the range of my vocal skills.

You can read the full interview here.

In related humor news, the print-designer for BxMxC, Toshihiro Egawa, pulled a smooth joke on Twitter by being surprised by its killer design, curiously (read: sarcastically) asking who designed it.

The design Toshihiro was referring to was the new BxMxC T-shirt, which is available at the official ASMART webshop while supply lasts.

BxMxC T-shirt

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  1. BxMxC
  1. BxMxC
  2. BxMxC (Live at "LEGEND - METAL GALAXY")