September has swiftly arrived, and with it comes a new batch of tunes for you to watch out for in the days to follow. Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on XaaXaa’s new mini-album and ASAGI’s upcoming solo work. Please, feel free to share your picks with us, too.

Date Artist Release Title Release Type Comment Details
01 Asty Ataoka Chu Chu Dancing Night!! Single Asty’s seventh single. CDJapan
02 RADWIMPS Natsu no Sei ep EP Comes in three editions. CDJapan
02 POIDOL Period. Album POIDOL’s final album before disbanding. Info
09 BAROQUE The Birth Of Liberty // Final – Live At Harmony Hall Zama 2020.01.10- BD/DVD Features BAROQUE’s concert held on January 10, 2020, in Kanagawa. CDJapan
09 9mm Parabellum Bullet Byakuya no Hibi Single 9mm Parabellum Bullet’s ninth single. CDJapan
09 9mm Parabellum Bullet Chaosmology Album Tribute album featuring 18 acts including THE BACK HORN, FLOWER FLOWER, fox capture plan, Ryu Matsuyama, and more. CDJapan
09 Aimer Spark-Again Single Aimer’s 19th single; features as an intro theme for the TV anime series Fire Force, 2nd season. CDJapan
09 BREAKERZ BARABARA / Love Stage Single BREAKERZ’ 21st includes the main theme song for the film “Yokai Ningen Bela and the main theme song for the film “LOVE STAGE!!” CDJapan
11 CHOKE The Human Anthem Single CHOKE’s second single. Webstore
15 Ari Mushizu ga Hashiru Single Ari’s fourth single; comes in three editions. CDJapan
15 Kazami DaizyStripper Piano Selection III Album Contains piano-arranged songs by DaizyStripper.
16 KAKUMAY Kakumei Mini-album KAKUMAY’s first EP. CDJapan
16 HAZUKI Sotsuya – FUNERAL – Album HAZUKI covers LUNA SEA, Kuroyume, and more in his new, full-length album. Info
21 BUCK-TICK ABRACADABRA Album BUCK-TICK’s 22nd album; available on several formats including, vinyl and cassette. Info
22 Frederic ASOVIVA EP Frederic’s upcoming EP features four new songs, including two live tracks from their online concert held on July 18. CDJapan
23 XaaXaa Ai 「」 Mini-album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
23 gives Love Song Single gives’ first single; comes in two editions. CDJapan
30 ASAGI Amabie CD Featuring musicians from La’cryma Christi, Kuroyume, gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy, Wagakki Band, and LUNA SEA. Info
30 DEXCORE [METEMPSYCHOSIS.] Album DEXCORE’s first music release with new drummer Reizi; Comes in four editions. Info
30 Virge SEN Single Virge’s fifth single. CDJapan
30 SUGIZO Live In Tokyo Album Features SUGIZO’s first birthday 2-day concert held in 2019. Features great acts such as Kyo (DIR EN GREY, sukekiyo), TERU, TAKURO (GLAY), and Kiyoharu. CDJapan
30 cali≠gari Blue Film – Revival – Album Comes in “Pink” and “Porno” editions. CDJapan
30 INORAN Libertine Dreams Album INORAN’s 13th solo-album; comes in three editions. Info
30 Aldious Evoke2 2010-2020 Album The second volume of their re-recording greatest hits “Evoke” series. Contains nine songs, including “Luft” and “Re:fire”. CDJapan
30 BRATS Karma Album Comes in four editions. Info

Feel free to leave corrections and missing releases in the comment section and we’ll update the schedule as soon as possible. Shop at CDJapanJapan Discoveries or JPU Record

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