ASAGI endeavors to bring hope and prosperity in these trying times with his new song, Amabie (アマビヱ), which will emerge on September 30. The “Amabie” is a legendary yokai (a spirit or ghost) from Japanese folklore that is said to have the power to disperse plagues. As you can imagine, this song is meant to touch the hearts of everyone affected by COVID-19.

This much-anticipated work was recently detailed, revealing the guest musicians, tracklist, artwork, and a new, myth-inspired look. We’ll get into the contents of the CD soon, but first, let’s look at the guests who helped bring Amabie to life with their excellent musicianship:

  • HIRO from La’cryma Christi on guitar
  • Hitoki from Kuroyume on bass
  • Sakura (Yasunori Sakurazawa) from gibkiy gibkiy gibkiy, Rayflower, THE MADCAP LAUGHS, and ZIGZO on drums
  • Kiyoshi Ibukuro from Wagakki Band and Hanafugetsu on koto (Japanese harp)
  • Shinya from LUNA SEA on Taiko/daiko (Japanese drum)

As for the CD, you can choose from two versions. The regular edition is humble, featuring the single-track CD, an eight-page booklet, a random trading card, and a sticker. Alternatively, the deluxe limited edition introduces two alternate versions of the song and a DVD featuring the music video, the making-of, and a lyric video. It also comes packed in an A4-size hardcover jacket with a 32-page photo booklet as well as liner notes from the artist himself.

Both editions will be available in the Rosen Kranz Shop (webstore). However, so far, only the regular edition has been announced to be sold in traditional stores such as CDJapan.

Furthermore, on ASAGI’s birthday—August 29, promotional events surrounding the song will take place, including the premiere of the music video on YouTube:

  • Amabie will be delivered in advance on digital platforms
  • The music video and making-of will premier on YouTube at 20:00 (JST)
  • ASAGI will hold a live discussion via D’s online saloon ”D “VIP” Sub Rosa ~Royal castle~” at 21:00 (JST)
  • Preorders for the CD and goods will start on the Rosen Kranz Shop (A webstore event will be held for all buyers)

You can check out an alternate photo of ASAGI’s new look and the initial announcement trailer below:


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  1. Amabie
  • 8-page booklet
  • Random trading card
  • Sticker
  1. Amabie
  2. Amabie (Six-string electric guitar version)
  3. Amabie (Japanese instrument version)
  1. Amabie (Music video)
    アマビヱ(Music video)
  2. Amabie (Music video with lyrics)
    アマビヱ(Music video with lyrics)
  3. Amabie (Music video making)
    アマビヱ(Music video making)
  • A4 size hardcover jacket
  • 32-page photo booklet
  • Liner notes (By ASAGI)