NICOLAS brings a music video for Minami taken from their double A-side single titled Minami/Yugure ni Wrist Cut, exclusively available at the band’s webshop and was released on September 19.

The melodic song Minami in joined by a dreamy music video showing the members absorbed in their own thoughts at the Shinmaiko beach, located in the Chiba prefecture, Japan.

As for the other A-side song Yugure ni Wrist Cut, it is a re-recording of a song released by the visual kei band JyuLie in 2013. This band name might ring a bell to some due to the fact that the majority of the members from JyuLie are currently in NICOLAS, but now under a different stage name. This is vocalist Kiyo, guitarist Kei, guitarist Hiro, and bassist Ace, now known as Saku, Akane, Satsuki, and Zero respectively.

The band seems to be very active these days since they’re back with the third single in just two months after the release of their second mini-album, Juusei ga Kieta Kono Machi de. Moreover, NICOLAS is offering free livestreaming concerts via their YouTube channel. Go check the archive for their audienceless performances in case you missed out!

Minami/Yugure ni Wrist Cut


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  1. Minami
  2. Yugure ni Wrist Cut
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