Around September 27, GACKT’s Facebook page was hijacked, and as of writing, the page is currently still in control of an unknown third-party, leaving fans confused as to what is going on.

GACKT’s official website has addressed this and asks fans to stay alert in case they are being contacted by these people.

Initial reaction

The first indication of the Facebook page being taken over was when we started seeing some unusual activity with clickbait-like videos being uploaded.

The clickbait videos uploaded by hackers.

On the opposite end, fans’ initial reaction was a mixed bag of confusion but surprisingly, we did observe a handful of fans who unknowingly were in support of the hackers and defended the irrelevant content, of course, not knowing the page had been taken over at the time.

Gackt-sama ignore the haters… do you buddy!! I, for one, think its nice to see such nice, light hearted videos!

OMG, I’m just moved to tears… I’m so touched by their joy…
Thank you Gackt san for always remind me what’s important in this world…

Very touching!
Maybe GACKT can make new song with such idea!

Some skeptical:

I’m worry…. I don’t think this is the real gackt

What is happend? Where are you GACKT?

Looks like Gackt might be Hackt

Adding to the confusion

It’s not completely fair to say that people who couldn’t spot the page being hijacked right off the bat are senseless, especially considering GACKT’s previous behavior. Those who have been following GACKT for some time will know that he’s unique in various ways and from time to time performs social media stunts.

Besides teaching people how to train their penises or pleasure women as if it’s a rhythm game, GACKT also completely eroded his past Instagram photos in May 2020 and started anew. Previously consisting of more daily-life content while promoting his YouTube videos, it nowadays mainly serves as a way for followers to get a daily dose of sophisticated “GACKT quotes”.

Additionally, the hackers actually took time to reply to one of the comments, which added even more confusion as to if this was GACKT or not.

Hackers posing as GACKT.

Current state

As confirmed on September 28 via the official GACKT website, the Facebook page has indeed been taken over by a third-party. The information was later delivered on the official Instagram account in English:

I have some unfortunate news today.
GACKT’s official Facebook account has been hacked and hijacked.

Currently, we are trying everything to resolve this unfortunate situation, there is still a chance that the account will be banned.

It’s disappointing to see people do this kind of shit, but this time it might result in GACKT (account) spoofing you. So watch out! Please let me know if you get contacted from that account.

On the day this article was published, the Facebook page is still being controlled by hackers.

We will continue to monitor the case and update you as the situation progresses.

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