We don’t know if this was just a matter of time, but here it is: GACKT has recorded a video teaching you how to grow your penis through a penis workout. It’s so intense that GACKT says it’s limited to only men, no girls allowed! He even gave this type of workout a name, calling it “chin-tore” (“chinpo” for penis, “-tore” for training)—a wordplay on “kin-tore” (“kiniku” meaning muscle).

Now, before moving on, please note that even the captions appearing in the video questions his methods in a humorous way, so please don’t take the advice too seriously.

Why should you train your penis?

Apparently, the results you can expect from this secretive workout are life-changing “If you do this every day, your life will change”. He’s technically not wrong, because any action in your life is life-changing to an extent, but this method will also help you to be more popular with girls—he claims.

So you’ve got a nice face? Oh, you’re tall? You’re also smart?

Those kinds of things are what girls are primarily interested in.

However, when you become an adult, more important than your face or your height…

Your penis.

So how does GACKT’s chintore work?

Gackt’s advice to grow your penis

The method is quite simple when summarized:

  • Simply slap your penis around between your legs, using your abs to create the motion.
  • In order to not get busted by your mom while slapping around your penis, wrap it in plastic wrap or a sponge to reduce the noise.

GACKT demonstrates how your private part should hit the sides of your thighs.

Use those abs to create a motion that swings “it” around.

To see all the details, watch the video in its entirety and try not to laugh! With serious music playing in the background, this is how the video starts:

Underneath “that”, there is effort stained by blood…

Even today, men are secretly giving their all.

The legendary…

Gackt Penis Training


The video ends like this:

A random woman passing by: “Huh? What are those guys even doing?”

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