With only a few hours of notice, nano announced a new song would be released around noon, August 1. What was shared later was an even more sorrowful rendition of its previously released song LAST REFRAIN, from single Bull’s Eye.

The new version which is titled “LAST REFRAIN -In Memory of You-” is much rawer in its sound, and the emotions carried over here feel more genuine than ever. A minute in, and we can already feel the tears standing by.

Accompanying the song is the message by nano:

Everything will end, but nothing is ever lost.

The memory of you will gently refrain, again.

Sung in Memory of You.

We also have Tohmei Zukan to thank for the incredible piano. She herself also expressed in a tweet how emotional the song was.

As of writing, there are no further details revealed regarding the song LAST REFRAIN -In Memory of You-.

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