A new 6XT7 release has just landed on our doorstep with the premiere of their digital-only single -King & Queen- commencing August 31, 20:00 JST on their YouTube channel, and subsequent availability on iTunes and all major streaming platforms.

-King & Queen- is a gothic electronic anthem rightful for the 6XT7 duo; a king and a queen. In the music video, 6XT7 embraces their personal dynamic and we are allowed a glimpse at how that shapes their music style.

In this case, the song and video explore the personal connection between lead vocalist Lisa and scream vocalist Tasz, with a collage of intimate scenes. We’re gifted a first listen to Tasz’s deep raspy vocals and spoken word in this song, alongside his signature reverberating growls for a ravishingly complementary sound against Lisa’s light and sensual vocals.

Despite its recent release, this song has been a few years in the making and was 6XT7’s first song as a band. The song was recorded in L.A. and produced by Kato Khandwala who also produced The Pretty Reckless, Blondie, and Papa Roach—but during the production of their first EP came to a halt with the unfortunate news of Kato’s passing in a tragic motorcycle accident.

-King & Queen-

  1. -King & Queen-
    -King & Queen-
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