frederic released their digital single Saredo BGM on July 8 alongside a lyric video taking place on top of a record player with 3D animation and computer graphics. A Saredo BGM record plays and as the beat kicks in on the addictive dance number, lyrics and various geometric shapes appear.

These 3D computer graphics also take other forms, most notably, a warship sailing against the record, cassette tapes and drum kits falling down, and a car driving past palm trees. The single has a distinct 80’s feel both in sound and visuals which is sure to keep your eye glued to the screen while you dance away.

It should also be noted that the proceeds made from the single will be donated support fund Music Cross Aid. This is for the Japanese live entertainment industry effected by the coronavirus pandemic. The situation has led to the closure of many venues as they follow social distancing regulations.

Saredo BGM


Digital edition
  1. Saredo BGM
  2. Saredo BGM (Instrumental)
    されどBGM (Instrumental)
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