Thank you for your patience! We had many wonderfully creative, well-drawn and beautiful entries for the design of our new mascot and we’d like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to enter. Please take a moment to check out the gallery to see all of the creative work of our readers!

After long deliberation and consideration within the team, we decided to ask important friends at Zepp Tokyo and V-STAR, so we can now finally announce the new JROCK NEWS mascot of 2020.

Congratulations on winning entry…

Adorable goth rabbit by Krai!

A few comments from the voting panel:

I like them all, but the one I would go for is the goth rabbit!
This one is an original work of art!

I’m partial to the goth rabbit.
It looks cool and is super well done too!
—Friend at Zepp Tokyo

As the voting panel has suggested, Krai’s design is indeed very unique in a simple yet eye-catching way which is why we’ve picked this as the winning entry. We will contact you via email shortly. The voting was very tough as there were so many amazing entries, and we’d like to once again thank everyone who took part.

The JROCK NEWS team felt so much love from everyone who tried their best. We really appreciate it!

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