Donning a super chunky bang hairstyle, and wrapped up in an oversized hoodie and leather jacket, we have a special message from bilingual singer nano! They took a moment out of their busy schedule to send us a video to celebrate our anniversary.

JROCK NEWS 5th Anniversary: Special message from nano

Thanks, nano. Let’s keep rocking!

Recapping on recent activities, a few weeks ago nano revealed that they covered Fubuki from the Kantai Collection anime series for the KANCOLLE MEMORIAL COMPILATION. This release dropped on November 25 and features four new character songs as well as covers of the intro and outro of the anime, covered by nano, Yumi Tanibe, and JUNNA from idol group Walküre. You can listen to the album on popular streaming services or listen to a preview of nano’s cover of Fubuki below.

【試聴動画】吹雪 / ナノ(Cover Ver.)_アルバム「KanColle Memorial Compilation」より

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  1. Haruna No Jikan / Haruna (CV:Toyama Nao)
    榛名の時間 (character song) / 榛名(CV:東山奈央)
  2. Osampo Biyori / Mutsuki (CV:Hidaka Rina)
    お散歩日和 (character song) / 睦月(CV:日高里菜)
  3. Hashiridasu Kaze / Shimakaze (CV:Sakura Ayane)
    奔りだす風 (character song) / 島風(CV:佐倉綾音)
  4. Youkan Koiuta / Mamiya (CV:Horie Yui)
    羊羹恋歌 (character song) / 間宮(CV:堀江由衣)
  5. Haruna No Jikan
    榛名の時間 (Instrumental ver.)
  6. Osampo Biyori
    お散歩日和 (Instrumental ver.)
  7. Hashiridasu Kaze
    奔りだす風 (Instrumental ver.)
  8. Youkan Koiuta
    羊羹恋歌 (Instrumental ver.)
  9. Kikan (cover song) / Tanibe Yumi
    帰還 (cover song) / タニベユミ
  10. Miiro (cover song) / Junna
    海色 (cover song) / JUNNA
  11. Fubuki (cover song) / Nano
    吹雪 (cover song) / ナノ