Instrumental jazz-rock trio fox capture plan dropped their wonderful album DISCOVERY earlier this month and have been busy bees performing in an amazing temple. Sitting in front of traditional shoji (translucent paper screen or sliding door), the three took the time to shoot a special message for us. Listen carefully and you might even pick up on the beautiful sounds of chirping cicadas in the background.

JROCK NEWS x fox capture plan - 5th Anniversary Special

Thanks, fox capture plan. Please keep making excellent music, too!

Recapping on their latest activities, they announced on Twitter that tickets for the DISCOVERY Release Live to celebrate the release of this album will start streaming from December 18. Don’t worry if you’re not around on the exact day, as the stream will be archived until January 11, 2021, so you’ll have plenty of time to catch up. Tickets cost 3,500 yen (with a 220 yen service fee) and can be purchased now via

Flyer for the “Discovery Release Live”.

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  1. Into the Spiral
    Into the Spiral
  2. PRDR
  3. Spread Out
    Spread Out
  4. Discovery the New World
    Discovery the New World
  5. Sprinter
  6. Narrow Edge
    Narrow Edge
  7. NEW ERA
  8. Yakankouru
  9. Stand My Heroes
    Stand My Heroes
  10. Numb (Linkin Park)
    Numb (LINKIN PARK)
  11. Fukashigi no Karte
fox capture plan:
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