Xaa-Xaa will release single Iraira Suru Ame on February 5, 2020, and have already revealed the off-the-rails music video for it which sees the band performing in a vacant building.

What immediately stands out from the beginning is guitarist Haru, bassist Reiya, and drummer An walking to their respective instrument, gathering around the drumkit to then start shouting at each other up, hyping themselves up.

This happens all before Haru plays the first few chors of Iraira Suru Ame with the drums hitting hard, the bass following the melancholic tone, and the piano complementing the song wonderfully. Which leaves vocalist Kazuki who soon walks into the frame and starts singing, bringing along that same carefree and intense attitude the other members brought to the table.

Throughout the members are left to their own devices as they completely lose themselves to the music and with that in mind, guitarist Haru goes as far as falling to the floor and smashing up his guitar. This is while Kazuki leaves the members to run up a flight of stairs to reach the roof, fall on the floor, get up, stumble a bit, and douse himself with a bucket of water, and falling on the floor for the final time.

Haru smashing his guitar!

The filming takes a more handheld approach with the camera shaking and constantly moving around the band, giving off a sense of free-spiritedness and energy you wouldn’t normally see in a music video.

The single will hit stores in type A and B with A containing the title track coupled with Seikei and the music video for Iraira Suru Ame. Type B has a total of three tracks and adds Machibouke to the single.

The band also released their second best-of album Shuudoku Shoujou -Ni- on December 11 that contains two CDs starting with song Yuki Tokei and ending on Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi on the first one. Meanwhile, the coupling tracks on the second CD mixes it up with a selection of B-sides, album, and live-limited songs and a new song, Aaaaa.

Check out the following artist photos for Iraira Suru Ame.

Iraira Suru Ame (イライラする雨)


Type A


  1. Iraira Suru Ame (イライラする雨)
  2. Seikei (整形)


  1. Iraira Music Video

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Type B


  1. Iraira Suru Ame (イライラする雨)
  2. Seikei (整形)
  3. Machibouke (待ちぼうけ)

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Chuudoku Shoujou -Ni-

CD 1

  1. Yuki Tokei (雪時計)
  2. Shitai Dake Deshou? (したいだけでしょ?)
  3. Ame ni Korosareru (雨に殺される)
  4. Kamisori (カミソリ)
  5. Dosuguroi (どす黒い)
  6. Yomei (余命)
  7. Gucha Gucha (ぐちゃぐちゃ)
  8. Maru to Batsu (○と×)
  9. Asagao ga Naiteru (アサガオが泣いてる)
  10. Akairo (赤色)
  11. Noroi Uta (のろいうた)
  12. Mazarenai (マザレナイ)
  13. Love Letter (ラブレター)
  14. Shinjatta Pochi no Hanashi (死んじゃったポチの話)

CD 2

  1. Tulip (チューリップ)
  2. Sakura no Machi (桜の街)
  3. Ooame Keihou Hatsurei (大雨警報発令)
  4. Kuroi Neko-chan (黒い猫ちゃん)
  5. Hirugao no Yuuutsu (ヒルガオの憂鬱)
  6. Aozora Yamete (青空やめて)
  7. Kage (å½±)
  8. Kioku (キオク)
  9. Ningen-kai Kara no Tegami (人間界からの手紙)
  10. Saigo ni Iwasete (最後に言わせて)
  11. Lalalala (ララララ)
  12. Hare Nochi Ame Nochi Kumori Nochi Arashi (晴れのち雨のち曇りのち嵐)
  13. Aaaaa (あああああ)

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