KAMIJO is preparing for yet another dramatic release with the single Symbol of the Dragon, the second release out of the planned trilogy. Like the first act of the theatrical series, TEMPLE -Blood sucking for praying-, its artwork is drawn by the famed artist Ayami Kojima who is responsible for the amazing illustrations you find featured in Castlevania, this time, depicting Napoleon Bonaparte majestically.

Just by reading the track name itself “Symbol of the Dragon”, you might already have gotten a hint of what to expect? Indeed, look forward to a fierce song emitting bravery! The release date set for February 26 will also be the first time the song makes itself fully public, as it has never before been showcased in any of KAMIJO’s previous concerts.

In addition to the title-track, the single offers the song CRIMSON FAMILY, and the memorial song Yamiyo no Lion. The latter song Yamiyo no Lion might sound familiar because it was first released back in 2014 as a single, however, its return offers a significant change with its new orchestral arrangement and re-recorded instruments in order to accommodate to KAMIJO’s next orchestral live show.

The artwork depicts the figure Napoleon Bonaparte majestically, a hero of France which is now eternalized in the hands of illustrator Ayami Kojima.

If you decide to get the first press limited edition, you will receive the script of Persona Grata containing about 10 000 words written by KAMIJO himself. As well as a mini-poster and a postcard.

We’re also closing in on the new year 2020, a year that is synonymous with KAMIJO’s 25-year anniversary! As such, this will be the year when KAMIJO begins the project PERSONA, combining his present and past work. Look forward to that!


Update 2020-02-09: Trailer for single added.

Symbol of the Dragon

Regular edition


  1. Symbol of The Dragon
  3. Yamiyo no Lion (闇夜のライオン)

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Limited edition


  1. Symbol of The Dragon
  3. Yamiyo no Lion (闇夜のライオン)
  4. Symbol of The Dragon [Instrumental]
  5. CRIMSON FAMILY [Instrumental]
  6. Yamiyo no Lion (闇夜のライオン) [Instrumental]


  • Mini-poster
  • Postcard

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