They say fame and fortune often can go to a person’s head, so what would happen if the pineapple-apple-pen PIKOTARO was to release a new single? You’ll expect something fun and light-hearted as the fruit-loving guy himself. Motivational and heartwarming? A tune to brighten up your day?

Well, you’re wrong. We were all wrong.

PIKOTARO has graduated from fruit and vegetable songs and is here to remind us that he’s human with feelings, dubbing his latest single Everyone must die. On a related note, his album collection of 10 news songs dubbed PIKO 10 PROJECT is available through streaming services worldwide on Spotify. The single name itself may be more metal than many other release names we’ve seen, but let’s have a listen and see what it’s about.

Kiddy band instruments aside, PIKOTARO chanting that “we’ll all die” whilst grinning from ear to ear is nightmare fuel. We’re done with the internet for today.

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