After producing solid work after solid work, THE MUSMUS suddenly entered a state of limbo earlier this year due to vocalist CHIO’s miscarriage. This led to the band standing still in terms of outward activities such as live shows. Now, after almost six months since the tragic event, the band encountered yet another obstacle. Guitarist Yookey has today decided to halt activities and as a result, the band has entered a state of indefinite hiatus.

We have translated and interpreted the official announcement to give more insight into the current situation.

Thank you for always supporting THE MUSMUS.

Today, we have an announcement to people who were waiting for THE MUSMUS’ return.

After vocalist CHIO’s recovery from a worrying state of health, the band has kept its focus on preparing for upcoming live shows and music production. However, the composer and guitarist YOOKEY expressed his wish to suspend his part of activity due to personal reasons. In these circumstances, THE MUSMUS took the decision to enter a state of indefinite hiatus.

We express our deepest apologies for piling up this type of news, on top of CHIO’s previous announcement.

The other members are considering waiting as long as necessary while continuing other activities under new shapes, we hope you can give your earnest support and encouragement to whatever may come.

Despite not having a timeline set for THE MUSMUS’ revival, we deeply wish everyone can patiently wait for their return—just like the other members of THE MUSMUS’ are.

We will keep fighting to once again meet you all. We would like to thank everyone in advance for your support and understanding.


THE MUSMUS is a band that’s been going strong for years, even during their early days as UPLIFT SPICE which was formed in 2005. It’s really sad to see such a passionate band fade away so we’re crossing our fingers for their return!

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Official Website
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