THE MUSMUS’ shared a piece of highly important news to fans on May 15. On the official website, vocalist CHIO revealed the heartbreaking story of her unfortunate miscarriage and addressed how this was the reason for the band’s lack of activity.

Due to this unforeseen and incredibly devastating news, CHIO will put her musical career to halt for the time being. Since she doesn’t know when she will be back, and to the other members, music is their everything, so we might see other projects branch out.

Even with such sad news, CHIO ended her message by announcing an upcoming music video which the fans can look forward to.

Find the officially translated announcement below which the band tweeted a day after the news hit the official website.

Hello everyone,

I would like to apologise for having cancelled all our public representations since last February, and for having stayed quiet about the situation since then.

In January, I learnt that I was pregnant. After consulting the band and my family, we took the decision to cancel all of our concerts for the health of the baby.

Unfortunately, I had a miscarriage.

Then, I have been told that [I] wouldn’t be able to give birth. I was then torn between joy and anxiety.

In 10 years, I’ve cancelled a concert just once due to snowfall.

Since my miscarriage, we have stopped everything.

I deeply apologise for the time I took before openly talking about the situation.

Today, I went to Tokyo and met my bandmates. After all, we are still a band right? (laugh)

I really want to get up on stage again. However, it seems that it is going to take time. Concerning the other members, they can’t live without music, so they probably are going to start new projects while waiting I guess.

I would like to thank everyone for your support. I will do anything to be able to perform again. We have a music video we haven’t announced yet to show you! I hope you are going to like it!

I wish to see you all very soon,

Thank you for reading,


We truly hope CHIO is able to recover from everything that has happened, and even if it will take time before she gets back on stage, we will keep supporting her until the day she returns and onwards!

You can follow CHIO on Instagram to keep yourself updated, although she hasn’t posted any new content since January—which is of course understandable.

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