Labaiser surprises us with a music video for a new song titled Black lily, while also announcing their second mini-album Ankoku ni Saki Ita Myakuraku (暗黒二咲イタ脈絡) will be out this Autumn 2019. There are no details in regards to the content included in said album, such as types, the tracklist, or its cover artwork. However, the band granted us with a visually stunning new look and individual profile pictures of the members.

The music video for Black lily shows members Nagito, Serah, and Yamato performing in a phantasmagoric room alternating with scenes of Saya sitting in a fancy chair, and of course, synthetic black lilies. We would like to warn you before jumping on the video that viewer discretion is recommended due to the content being heavily themed around suicide attempts enacted by the band members.

The heavy composition features symphonic elements such a vocal choir, an organ, and violins. In the vocal part, vocalist Saya offers his distinctive clean voice in a major part of the song, some whispers, and screaming when the instrumental requires it.

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