ACME is set to release single Mononoke Requiem on July 10 and following artist photos and further details on the single, the band has now released the entirety of the music video!

Here they present to us another heavy-hitter, but one that is more grounded in metal, compared to their previous single Houkago no Shiiku. It’s also undoubtedly their heaviest song to date with drummer HAL and his background knowledge of metalcore at the helm of it all. In turn, this has provided the perfect set up for vocalist CHISA as he takes his harsh vocals to the nth degree alongside buzzing riffs, rapid drumming, and a breakdown.

Despite all this, the content of the music video goes from utilizing shaky camerawork, expressing the band’s chaotic performance to transitioning to hilarious black and white versions of viral fail videos. There are even two characters that pull pranks on each other, eat in excess and are having the time of their lives playing around.

ACME has further announced that they will be performing in America at the Toxic Toast Theatre in Long Beach, California on July 2 featuring bands VOIA and RAIF. Tickets are available now!

Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム)

Type A


  1. Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム)
  2. Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム) (Karaoke Version)

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Type B


  1. Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム)
  2. Golden Time (ゴールデンタイム)
  3. ACME’s Music Commentary (アクメによる楽曲解説 副音声)

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