LAPLUS is to release single ‘Fukurou’ -witch hunt of modern- on May 29 featuring a total of three songs. That’s far from it however as the duo has now released the music video for its corresponding music video!

The music video set is in a fancy hall of a castle fit for a king, complete with chandeliers and a high curved ceiling with vocalist Yuki singing to the dance-rock accompaniment. This is of course, not without drummer satoshi skilfully hitting those symbols with a gold-gated design behind him. It also features the talents of former GUILD guitarist YOSHIHIRO who worked on the second and third tracks, GHOST SHIP and Last Scene respectively, replicating the dark tones, contributing to the atmosphere as a whole.

LAPLUS also notes that “Fukurou” -witch hunt of modern- extensively uses edgy guitar riffs and is an aggressive song that is very different to the band’s usual style up until now, with the lyrics touching on the darkness of modern society.

You can check their stylishly dark artist photos below!

LAPLUS dress up in stylish black garments for single “‘Fukurou’ -witch hunt of modern-“

‘Fukurou’ -witch hunt of modern- (「梟」-witch hunt of modern-)


  1. ‘Fukurou’ -witch hunt of modern- (「梟」-witch hunt of modern-)
  3. Last Scene (ラストシーン)

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