Last time we explored NoisyCell, we looked at how their music seemed to be walking towards a more cheerful sound—judging by the available songs at the time from the mini-album Focus. At last, the mini-album is here today and we can indeed confirm that it is packed with a bunch of uplifting songs! To keep it interesting, the band also included two songs towards the balladic side, still empowering and uplifting, but perhaps not on the cheerful side.

Along with the release of Focus, the band delivers yet another music video from the mini-album, this time we get to enjoy visuals for the lively and heartwarming song Toumei (Transparent)! You can also listen to the entirety of the mini-album on Spotify, and of course, get it at CDJapan as a physical product or digitally through iTunes.



  1. Focus
  2. The Autumn Song
  3. Toumei
  4. Kyougen Kai Shi
  5. Humanism
  6. Tsuioku
  7. Ryuusei no Machi
  8. Ballad12_02

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