NoisyCell is gradually walking towards the release date of the upcoming mini-album Focus, along the way we have been able to hear two of the cheerful songs, Kyougen Mawashi, and Toumei. Today the four-man band released yet another uplifting song, Ryuusei no Machi—extracted from the mini-album. You can get your hands on Focus starting March 6.

Looking back at NoisyCell’s previous work, it used to include a bit of melancholy in every song. Some of you might, for example, remember the ending song Last Theater from the psychological anime Death Parade. However, from what we have seen so far of Focus, it clearly displays a shift in sound—a brighter one—even if not a big one, it reveals commitment and a new direction the band hasn’t truly walked before.

As for the two other released songs from the mini-album; Kyougen Mawashi was previously released as a stand-alone single and put as the ending theme song for the comedy anime, Chuukan Kanriroku TonegawaToumei, on the other hand, got an early release and was also delivered today. You can listen to both of the aforementioned songs through Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

A photo from the filming of “Ryuusei no Machi” music video.

NoisyCell’s band photo for album “Focus”.



  1. Focus
  2. The Autumn Song
  3. Toumei
  4. Kyougen Kai Shi
  5. Humanism
  6. Tsuioku
  7. Ryuusei no Machi
  8. Ballad12_02

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